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Institutional Research & Assessment

About Us

Institutional Research & Assessment (IR&A) is comprised of several departments including Institutional Research, Accreditation, Grants, and Academic Assessment. The IR&A team works together to support the data needs to meet Aims Community College Core Measures. These Core Measures are part of the Aims Strategic Planning goals. 


Core Measures


Recent Activity:

On February 3, 2017 Bill Brown, the Executive Director of Institutional Research & Assessment (IR&A) and Dr. Stacey Guney, Assistant VP of Academic Affairs presented an Environmental Scan at Conversation Day. For this environmental scan, members of the IR&A team examined trends and projections in demographic, economic, social, educational, technological, and other factors to determine external opportunities to the Aims' Community College mission and Core Measures. Click on the links below to view the entire Environmental Scan, as well as the Deeper Dive Into Data & Strategy which further explores these issues. 

                              Environmental Scan 2017         Deeper Dive


Contact us:

Bill Brown, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Stephanie Chadwick, Staff Associate