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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field and related professions employ millions of people. By earning a degree in criminal justice from Aims, you'll have a huge selection of career options in federal, state and local agencies and the private industry to choose from after you graduate.

Potential job opportunities include:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Management and Planning
  • Corrections
  • Crime Scene Technician
  • Social Services
  • Probation/Parole
  • Computer Security Technician
  • Forensic Science
  • Private Investigation
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Corporate Security
  • Deputy Coroner
  • Crime Analyst
  • Specialist/Advocate
  • Victim's Assistance
  • And more

The Aims Basic Peace Officer Academy is approved/accredited by the Colorado POST Board.  That information can be verified by going to

Essential Skills

Check out the essential skills guide, which lists commonly encountered qualities and skills typically necessary to be succeed in a particular program or area of interest.

POST Exam Pass Rates for Aims Academy Graduates